1.Horizontal table filter

The horizontal table filter device can provide multi-channel liquid supply, which is used for workpiece cooling, body washing and grinding wheel cleaning respectively, and is suitable for different processing requirements of different processing techniques for cooling liquid.

Filter media: emulsion, cutting oil

Filtering method: Flat bed paper filter universal clarifiers

Filtration accuracy: 40-50um

Combinable features:

Magnetic separation device, bag filter device, refrigeration temperature control device, oil-water separation device, oil fog filter device

2. Barrel-type precision filter
The barrel-type precision filter device is composed of a liquid purifier, a filter pump, a barrel-type precision filter device, a high-precision filter bag, a pressure gage, and liquid level monitoring system, filth blockage alarm, and overload protection.
The filtering accuracy is guaranteed by the filter bag. Different filter bags can achieve different filter accuracy. The user can choose within the range of 100μm ~ 10μm, and higher precision can also be achieved.
Applicable medium: oil, emulsion
Filtration accuracy: 10μm;
Working pressure of filter cartridge: ≤0.4 MPa

3. Vacuum paper filter
The coolant is collected and circulated. The liquid passes through the filter medium (paper filter belt or nylon circulating filter belt) to achieve the filtering effect, and the solid particles in the liquid can be continuously separated. Mainly used for traditional machining such as turning, cutting, milling, and grinding.
Processing flow: single filter 50-1500 m3 / h
Filtration accuracy: 30-80 μm
4. Centrifugal filter
Machining industry, solid structure, stable performance
Filtration accuracy up to 1um
No consumables, reduce operating costs and avoid secondary pollution
Can realize the three-phase separation of oil, water, and solid particles
Optional mobile, for online processing of multiple machine tools.

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