DS Centrifuge


DS series centrifuges are used for continuous and efficient separation of metal chips and coolant. The drying rate is up to 98%. It is suitable for the treatment of almost all short metal chips and oil sludge.

working principle:

The bottom of the centrifuge barrate is a lifting plate structure, driven by its own hydraulic station. The wet chips evenly fall into the bottom of the centrifuge. Under the action of the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the barrate, the wet chips form a ring structure along the inner wall of the barrate. There is a ring-shaped oil filter screen, where the separation of chips and liquid is achieved. The separated coolant enters the liquid return chamber, flows out from the connecting hose after being collected, and enters the coolant collection tank. The dry chips enter the outer channel, fall out from the bottom of the centrifuge, and enter the dry chip collection box or chip conveyor.


Product Features:

★ Can realize automatic continuous production

★ Durable

★ Drum uses high wear-resistant materials

★ Dynamic balance test

★ Excellent performance, drying rate up to 98%

★ Heavy structural body

★ Simple and convenient maintenance

★ Self-cleaning design

★ Standard vibration sensor and reserve sensor

★ Wide range of application, can be used for all metal chips and sludge

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