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Shanghai Chuangjie Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in January 2002, focusing on industrial environmental protection, improvement, and promotion. Shanghai Chuangjie, a metal chips treatment specialist, provides perfect solutions for various metal processing companies, dealing with metal chips treatment and coolant treatment. We focus on product innovation and aim to build a clean and harmless working atmosphere for customers.

Shanghai Chuangjie is the Chinese agent of the LANNER company from Germany. The LANNER company is a global leader within the industry with a long history and rich experience in chip processing. LANNER’s metal chip equipment is widely used by automobile manufacturers, aviation manufacturers, ship manufacturers, equipment manufacturing industry, and other metal processing industries throughout the world.




Nowadays, factories are paying more attention to the treatment of metal chips. Being large and fluffy, metal chips are the main source of pollution from factories. It contains a large amount of coolant and seriously pollutes the nearby environment. The oil is likely to leak and drip onto the ground, greatly reducing the carrying capacity and service life of the ground. Besides, the slipperiness of the ground can bring great inconvenience to work efficiency and production safety.

We promise you:


1.Recycling of coolant

According to statistics, the tooling cost accounts for about 8% of total processing cost in metal chips treatment, while the cost of coolant is adding up to 15 to 30%. The cost can be considerable. However, if the factory cast itself, metal chips can be processed into metal blocks and further recycled. Coolant can also be recycled after filtration. In this way, production cost is lowered.



2. Increase the value of metal chips

The dried metal chips after treatment can be reused during casting to increase its unit price.

3. Improving environmental standards and reducing environmental pollution

To protect the environment, the ISO 14000 made provisions for environmental management and monitoring. Governments heavily subsidized "green processing" research, and continuously issued relevant environmental protection regulations. Factories will face more and more tests on environmental inspections, or even penalties regard to failure to meet environmental standards. To start with, the essentiality of working environment, production safety, and chips treatment cannot be ignored. Our products accord with strict environmental protection of the European Union member country standard.


4. Space-saving and reduction of portage

The volume of dry chips after treatment can be reduced to 1/5-1/50, reducing storage space and portage.


5. Chips treatment automation and reduction in labor force

Realize fully automated chips processing, saving the labor force.

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